July 25th

  • 9:30am
  • 10:45am
  • 1:15pm
  • 2:30pm
What Do You Expect?
Chris Speen, Twin Oaks Landscape


Setting expectations is one of the fundamentals of management.  Yet, many managers fail to take this important step. Unclear or mismatched expectations ultimately will lead to issues within your team (poor performance, turnover, disengagement) and with clients (lost business, complaints, bad reviews).


In this session, we’ll discuss

  • How to set crystal clear expectations in each of the following areas: the work, communication, the time and culture

  • How to eliminate assumptions and ensure that everyone knows the answer to, “What do you expect?”

  • Ways to instill structure through process and defined roles

  • Best methods for delivering your message and communicating details

  • The importance of both giving and receiving feedback

Evaluating Marketing Efforts
Jennifer Ford, Frederick Mountain Group

Grow your brand by promoting your company the right way! As landscape business owners and managers, you often have plenty of great marketing ideas but not enough time to develop and execute them to their full potential.  


During this session, we’ll delve into:

  • Creating a manageable marketing plan that fits your budget

  • Optimizing your website as a marketing tool

  • Evaluating and Navigating social media and digital marketing options

  • The power of photos and video

  • Keys for consistently generating glowing customer reviews

  • Measuring results

Estimating to Boost Profits
Barry Burkholder, Burkholder Brothers
Mistakes in estimating or pricing jobs can negatively impact profit. Although there are all sorts of methods available -- from estimating software to tried and tested "guesstimate" formulas -- accurate estimating remains one of the most crucial and confusing aspects of landscape contracting.  In this session, we’ll talk about the tools and best practices that will ensure confidence and consistency in your estimating efforts.


We’ll review:

  • Industry-leading techniques

  • Batch Assemblies

  • Kits

Keynote: Roll Up Your Sleeves & Get To Work!
Coach Rick Kolster, Peak Performance Group


These are the keys to your success.  Learn how you can roll up your sleeves and achieve all you want in life.  Coach Rick shows you how to use your leadership skills to gain more influence and, ultimately, accomplish your dreams and goals.  

Everyone in attendance will receive a free e-version of Coach Rick’s book Roll Up Your Sleeves & Get To Work.  The Kindle version of the book will also be available through Amazon at a discounted price.


July 26th

  • 9:30am
  • 11:15am
  • 1:30pm
  • 2:45pm
Best Practices Panel Discussion:
Sales, Family Business & Woman-Owned Business

This session features three successful landscape business owners sharing their insight and personal experience prior to an engaging Q&A discussion.


Sales Team Dynamics:  Jeremy Miller manages a two-person sales team at Miller Landscape that consistently exceeds individual sales plan. Hear how he incentivizes his sales team and monitors their progress against plan. 

Family Business & Generational Transfer: Dirk Bakhuyzen III learned the llandscaping business by working alongside his father and brother at Procare Landscape Management. To facilitate his father's retirement,  they collectively created an ownership transition plan. Dirk will talk about the transition as well as the pros and cons of managing family dynamics in the workplace. 

Profile of a Successful Woman Owned Business:  Krista Stein is an example of the opportunities that exist for women in the green industry.  As President of Earthscapes Solutions, Krista will share both the unique challenges and opportunities that have paved her career path and discuss the importance of fostering the development of female leaders within your organization. 

Developing Leaders Around You
Dirk Bakhuyzen Jr., Bakhuyzen Associates


Why do some people achieve great personal success, yet never succeed in building a business or making an impact in their organization?  According to renowned author John C. Maxwell, “The greatest leadership principle that I have learned in over twenty-five years of leadership is that those closest to the leader will determine the success level of that leader.”


In this session, we’ll dig into the concept that developing the leadership abilities within your team will not only lift them up in their capacity to successfully do their jobs,  but also create loyal team members that want to help the company succeed.

Breakout Sessions:
GMs and Sales Professionals:
Stop Waiting by the Phone & Start Using a Proactive Sales Approach
Steven Bach, Bach Business Partners


The traditional approach to sales in our industry is basic – the phone rings, the client asks for a quote and the sales professionals produces a number that he/she hopes will win a job.  At certain times of the year, the phone rings off the hook and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with demand. At other times, the sound of a ringing phone echoing through a quiet office is music to everyone’s ears.  Landscape contractors simply can’t afford to let a ringing phone dictate their success.


In this session, we’ll introduce you to the proactive sales process and discuss:

  • Identifying and Pursuing profitable customers – not everyone is a fit for your company

  • Eliminating the bidding wars via a formal sales process and proactive approach

  • Increasing sales margins by focusing on value instead of price  

  • Maximizing customer value by focusing on dollars instead of customer count

  • Creating consistent cash-flow and predictability with long-term, recurring contracts

Business Owners:
The Basics of Business Valuation 
Tom Noon, Industry Insights, Inc.


Many landscape business owners know their companies inside and out. Yet, they rarely know one critical fact – how much their company is worth on the open market. Determining the true value of your business via “business valuation,” is not just important when looking to sell your company. It’s also important for business succession planning and IRS purposes. Knowing your company’s current and future value is essential.  


During this session, we’ll review:

  • The difference between book value and fair market value

  • Asset and income-based approaches to valuation

  • Making appropriate adjustments to historical financial statements to determine the “normalized” economic benefit that the business can be expected to generate in the future

  • Overlooked assets such as inventory, backlog and work in progress

  • How to value intangible assets such as brand recognition, customer base, talent and proprietary processes

Finding Good People: Solutions For Your Hiring Woes
Forth Heffner, Heffner Landscaping & Ground Management


“I can’t find enough good people!” “No one wants to work!” “We have candidates but they’re no-call/no-show at the interview!”


Can you relate? Finding the right people for your team is the number one concern for landscape professionals. Those outstanding candidates are out there, but most don’t have the time to recruit, screen, qualify, on-board and train them.  Those challenges can be erased if you  change your culture!


In this Session, we’ll discuss:

  • The numbers game - what it is and how to play the odds

  • How to clearly define the ideal candidate and how to reach them

  • How to properly screen candidates to make sure that they’re a good fit for your team

  • How to properly onboard new employees

  • Evaluating where our ‘sweet spot’ is in the employer market